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Michael Grear

Mike was a prosecutor in several counties across Kansas for over 17 years, which provides him with a unique perspective.  The best way to beat the prosecution is to have an experienced ally who knows how they operate and understands how they build their case against you.  He attended classes offered by the Kansas Highway Patrol on DUI prosecution and has successfully defended clients by demonstrating:  lack of probable cause, defective testing equipment, illegal search, improper blood alcohol testing procedures, and improper arrest procedures.  His familiarity with the courtroom gives our clients and edge in their criminal defense cases.  He has tried over 60 jury trials and is a graduate of the National Trial Advocacy II Program offered through the National District Attorney Association.  Now he brings his expertise to the Traffic Lawyers and also serves as the Office Manager.

Kopecky Law, P.A.

For nearly two decades, The Traffic Lawyers of Kopecky Law, P.A. have represented thousands of clients in various traffic matters ranging from speeding tickets to complicated DUI/DWI cases.

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Whether you are charged with possession of marijuana or some other drug case, charged with shoplifting or theft, or were pulled over for DUI or DWI, we can help you. Call us at (816)268-8886 in the Kansas City Metro area or (855)DUI-ATTY everywhere else.